Interplay & ESCO Add Value to 2023 HVAC HERO Scholarship
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Interplay & ESCO Add Value to 2023 HVAC HERO Scholarship

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HVAC HERO Scholarship
Author: | April 7th, 2023

Interplay & ESCO Add Value to 2023 HVAC HERO Scholarship

To provide additional career-readiness benefits for its HVAC HERO Scholarship recipients, the EGIA Foundation is partnering with two organizations – Interplay Learning and ESCO Group – for its 2023-2024 scholarship cycle.

Interplay Learning, a virtual technical training provider, will give all scholarship recipients complimentary access to its entire catalog of HVAC and home services training courses. This includes hundreds of courses that can be accessed through a variety of devices and VR headsets. The courses cover a range of topics, from basic HVAC skills to advanced troubleshooting techniques.

Additionally, ESCO Group, the industry authority on developing standards, validation tools and training resources for HVACR, will provide free access to its powerful, robust HVACR Learning Network to all scholarship winners. The online education platform features content from best-in-class organizations, authors and publishers. The platform is renowned as one of the industry’s best, and is designed to support HVACR professionals at all levels, from beginners to experts.

These partnerships with Interplay Learning and ESCO Group are valuable additions to the HVAC HERO Scholarship program. They provide scholarship winners with access to high-quality training resources and industry-standard education platforms that will support their growth and development as HVAC professionals. This will help to ensure that the scholarship winners are well-equipped to succeed in the industry and make meaningful contributions to the workforce shortage in the home services trades.

To learn more about how the EGIA Foundation is addressing the workforce crisis in the trades, as well as access information on the HVAC HERO Scholarship Program, visit today.

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