Meet This Year’s Award Recipients

Adil Khatabay
Dunwoody College of Technology
Brooklyn Park, MN

In the past I have built and worked on computers, but what led me to HVAC was the hands on application and technical aspect of the field. I believe that the best way to build a promising future for myself is to invest my time extensively in my education, and I have found that I am excited to learn more as I complete my classes. I hope to have a successful career in the HVAC industry as a residential technician after I graduate.

Adnane Choudani
Guilford Technical Community College
Greensboro, NC

Having had previous work experience in construction, when I learned about HVAC I was immediately interested. I love the program so far, all of my professors are helpful and encouraging. I will definitely recommend HVAC to anybody who is uncertain about their future career!

Alejandro Mancera
Perry Technical Institute
Yakima, WA

Being the oldest with two younger brothers, I wanted to lead by example and show that that hard work and commitment leads to success, and to do that I chose to attend trade school. After touring the campus and program, I knew right after I had a big interest in the HVAC Program. After graduating, I plan on giving back to my community by staying local and serving the Yakima community in all its heating and cooling needs.

Brian Vazquez
Yakima Valley Community College
Selah, WA

I always knew that I wouldn’t want to have a job in an office, and instead knew that having a career that would give me different tasks on a day to day basis was what I wanted. After researching, I chose to go into the HVAC industry because there will always be room to improve your skills set as the technology improves constantly. Once I graduate, I plan on going straight into working as a service technician or installer.

Christian Rodriguez
Perry Technical Institute
Yakima, WA

I struggled for a few years with finding a job that I wanted to make a career out of until I worked on a thermostat, and from there I knew that I wanted to work in HVAC. I want to work for an earnest company and be a good worker for them, one who has a sense of integrity that can get the job done and done right. Life works in strange ways, not always in the way we want it to sometimes, but in the way that it needs to.

Drew Larson
Dunwoody College of Technology
Minneapolis, MN

A former student came to my high school and to talk about his job in HVAC, and what he described was exactly what I wanted to do. I researched the field more and knew that this was a career that would challenge me but also allow me to grow, so I decided to go to school for HVAC. Ever since the first day of class, I have loved every single second of it and can’t wait to learn more.

Evan Schaefer
Front Range Community College
Estes Park, CO

During high school, my mechanical inclination led me to search for a career where I could work with my hands. My family background instilled the importance of a good work ethic, punctuality, and taking initiative, and after some research I have chosen to go into the HVAC industry. More than ever, there is an urgent need to grow and continually refine the home services industry by strengthening the businesses and technicians who are part of it, and I am excited to be a part of it.

Jonah Hartman
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Jersey Shore, PA

I know an important component for me to enjoy my career is to be working in a field that is hands-on, as well as the promise of job security. Going into the HVAC industry promises both, and I like the idea that you are always moving from place to place and not stuck in the same work setting for long periods of time. After I graduate, my goal is to work for a company where I can continue to build on my skills so that one day I can even have my own business.

Juan Garcia
Lone Star College System
Spring, TX

My family has been my biggest motivator as I’ve gone through finding a career in the HVAC field. After I graduate, I would like to enter the HVAC workforce and begin gaining experience. From there, I have the choice to continue with a company, start with a new company, or, once I’m qualified, start my own business.

Justin Rohrenbach
Western Dakota Technical Institute
Rapid City, SD

As a former Marine married to an Air Force wife, I have followed her every two to three years on a new adventure without even once having a job lined up upon arrival. The skills that I have picked up allowed me to see a future in HVAC and I can confidently say I made the right choice. I am passionate about the field and excited for my future.

Kamik James
Union County College
North Plainfield, NJ

I knew from the beginning I enjoyed working with my hands – loved taking things apart, figuring out how they work and putting them back together. I want to help and give back to my community, and after some research I fell into the world of HVAC. After I graduate, I would like to find a job that will continue to teach me new skills and help me grow.

Logan Brauer
William Moore College of Technology
Olive Branch, TN

I’ve always been good at and enjoyed working with my hands, but it wasn’t until my employer offered me a promotion that I decided to pursue a HVAC degree. With the increased responsibility, I knew that I would need to have the knowledge to safely and correctly carry out my duties. I am currently working on completing my HVAC degree, and look forward to working towards a future leadership role in my department.

Mario Anzaldo
Clover Park Technical College
McChord AFB, WA

I have realized that I can continue serving my country in a different way, while at the same time provide for my family after my military service. I have chosen to study this trade because I have come to realize how many job openings will become available in the upcoming years as a huge section of skilled workers retire from this sector of the workforce. This opportunity truly makes a difference in my life because I will now be able to have a smoother transition out of the military into a meaningful civilian career in order to provide for my family.

Walker Schulte
Northeast Iowa Community College – Calmar
Strawberry Point, IA

As a person who has always had a natural ability to use tools and make things with my hands, it makes sense for me to go learn a trade and use my natural abilities to my advantage and make a good living with it. I did some research, and came across the title “HVAC Technician” and I decided that maybe this is a career that I would enjoy every day and be satisfied knowing I did something that improves someone’s everyday life. After I did a couple of job shadows with someone in the HVAC industry, I knew that I would be happy working in HVAC, and I can’t wait until I can graduate to help give back to my community.

Zachary Middleton-Powell
Illinois Central College
Washington, IL

After high school I jumped right into the work force and found myself working sales when COVID-19 hit. I decided that the best way to ensure job placement in the future and to avoid being unemployed in the future would be to get into the HVAC career. Through research and talking with people in the industry, I believe that working in HVAC would allow me to have a fulfilling and life-long career.

2018-2021 Scholarship Recipients

Jonathan Adams
California State University Sacramento
Danville, CA

Michael Baker
St. Cloud Tech & Community College
St. Cloud, MN

Owen Bartman
Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology
Farmington, MI

Andrew Bond
Triangle Tech, Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

John Bozone
Oklahoma State University
Institute of Technology
Okmulgee, OK

Carrington Bragg
Community College of Baltimore County
Catonsville, MD

Richard Campbell
Triangle Tech Inc, Greensburg
Nanty Glo, PA

John Cao
Southeast Technical Institute
Sioux Falls, SD

Lyndon Chang
Pasadena City College
Pasadena, CA

Dane Conely
Ferris State University
Cedar Springs, MI

Jordan Crane
Washtenaw Community College
Blisseld, MI

Surindra Deonarine
Lincoln College of Technology
Marietta, GA

Daniel Faulconer
Building Institute of Central Kentucky
Cynthiana, KY

Adam Fromm
Chippewa Valley Technical College
Eau Claire, WI

Joshua Furse
Minnesota State Community and Technical College
Custer, MN

Jordan Giard
Lincoln Technical Institute
East Windsor, CT

O’Shaey Harris
H Councill Trenholm State Technical College
Montgomery, AL

Thomas Heiderscheit
Saint Cloud Technical College
Lake Lillian, MN

Tyler Hungerschafer
Bellingham Technical College
Bellingham, WA

Thomas Jensen
University of Montana College of Technology
Missoula, MT

Arica Jones
Pennsylvania College of Technolgoy
Waldorf, PA

Daniel Karrels
Milwaukee Area Technical College
West Bend, WI

Lance Lines
Pennsylvania College of Technolgoy
Towanda, PA

Wyatt Luebbert
Linn State Technical College
Freeburg, MO

Taran Manuel
Vatterott College
Berkeley, MO

Papa Mbaye
Lone Star College: North Harris
Houston, TX

Benjamin Ossai
Bakersfield College
Bakersfield, CA

Landon Ottenson
North Dakota State College of Science
Wahpeton, ND

Glenn Paul
Perry Technical Institute
Ellensburg, WA

John Ragusa
Lawson State Community College
Birmingham, AL

Robert Reagan
College of Southern Idaho
Twin Falls, ID

Zachary Slocum
Texas State Technical College
Waco, TX

Kemberly Stephens
Coastal Pines Technical College
Waycross, GA

Luis Trejo
Des Moines Area Community College
Bondurant, IA

Eduard Tsikhotskiy
Porter and Chester Institute
Worcester, MA

Alejandro Valadez
Brownson Technical School
Anaheim, CA

Robert Wilhelm
Northwestern Tech Institute
Southfield, MI

Justin Zeller
Chattahoochee Technical College
Marietta, GA

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