A nonprofit committed to positively impacting the home services industry

The EGIA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that, through career development, scholarship programs and other initiatives, is committed to expanding the benefits the general public receives from the home services industry.

One of the most frequently cited concerns among home services companies is an inability to find qualified employment candidates. Some estimates indicate that 115,000 HVACR workers will be needed by the year 2022, while HVACR training and education programs graduate only a small fraction of that number each year. Yet the general public is always in search of more, attractive jobs, in part because the trades have been presented as a viable career path less and less often over the last few decades. This despite trades jobs account for more than half of the current job market.

The EGIA Foundation works toward solving both problems in order to expand the benefits the general public receives from the home services industry and uplift the industry itself. On the industry side, we undertake research to define and articulate career paths that are available in home services and actively promote them to the general public. On the public side, we identify a motivated and ambitious potential workforce and help develop their industry-specific skills through a scholarship program and collaboration with trainers, likeminded organizations, education programs, trade schools, colleges and universities.