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About the Foundation

The EGIA Foundation helps improve and expand the home services industry workforce, while helping young people find career paths to make a great living and a positive impact.

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Contractors, educators, corporations and nonprofits can help the EGIA Foundation achieve its mission of building a better future for the HVAC industry while achieving business goals and creating stronger relationships within the industry.


We collaborate with educators, trade schools and community colleges to help them reach new prospective HVAC students and create the most successful educational experience possible.

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We work alongside contracting business owners to provide employment opportunities for trade school students and graduates, creating a more prepared workforce and a pipeline of skilled workers.

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Corporate sponsors support specific EGIA Foundation initiatives while showcasing their commitment to the future of the industry. In turn, we provide unique opportunities for brand visibility.

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We coordinate with other academic and nonprofit foundations with similar missions and goals to ensure collaborative synergies can benefit the industry in the most profound way possible.

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The EGIA Foundation’s HVAC HERO Scholarship awards up to 20 scholarships every year to promising students pursuing an educational program in HVAC, helping reduce financial obstacles for future industry heroes.

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Industry Resources

The EGIA Foundation helps builds a better future for the HVAC industry through developing a greater understanding of the issues it’s facing and developing programs and resources to support its key stakeholders.

Research Report

Download our comprehensive report with data and insights from all corners of the HVAC industry to gain a deeper understanding of industry-wide employment concerns.


Recruitment Toolkit

Access our powerful toolkit of print and digital resources to help you effectively communicate the benefits of an HVAC career to prospective students and employees.


Recruitment Video

Utilize this three-minute video on your website, social media or other communications to raise awareness about the rewarding career and lifestyle many HVAC techs enjoy.


Sponsors & Supporters

The EGIA Foundation would like to thank the following sponsors and supporters that have been instrumental in driving our mission forward.