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About Us

Our Story

For decades, the HVAC industry has been experiencing the effects of the labor shortage and the shrinking skills gap. According to the National Comfort Institute, the industry is nearly 40% short of the numbers it needs to fill the current workforce. Additionally, 8% – or a net loss of 23,000 people – are leaving the HVAC workforce annually. In just five years, there will be 1.8 jobs available for every willing technician.

These challenges became the catalyst to create the EGIA Foundation. The EGIA Foundation was formed by the Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to contractor success and the advancement of the home services industry. Through an extensive strategic planning process, EGIA established a vision and separate board of trustees to govern the EGIA Foundation.

The result: a nonprofit organization with a nationwide allied network that is taking on the challenge of reversing the misconceptions created by those outside the industry and developing a sustaining workforce made up of each successive up-and-coming generation.

Our Vision

A nation where undergraduate students, parents and school advisors view HVAC and other home service trades as a first-choice career.

Our Mission

To increase the amount of students entering the HVAC industry by changing current perceptions within the general public and making connections between students and job creators.

Our Method

To encourage students to pursue HVAC careers by providing pathway plans, scholarship opportunities, positive ideals, resources and personal connections.

Our Team

Meet the team working to develop a sustainable home services industry workforce.

Eric Hatton

Development Director

Lucas Ehrbar

Director of Communications

CJ Todd

Outreach Manager

Thomas Christian

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Danny Rentschler

Creative Director

Scott Killian

Senior Web Developer

Roger Pender

Senior Web Developer

Jeff Revlett

Contractor Liaison