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Working With Contractors

The EGIA Foundation aims to solve the workforce shortage for HVAC contractors by helping them to create a funnel of prepared and enthusiastic young professionals ready to make a positive impact. We accomplish this by connecting them to:

Recruitment Tools

We created the EGIA Foundation Recruitment Toolkit to help contractors more effectively communicate the benefits of an HVAC career with print and digital materials to supplement recruitment efforts.

Local HVAC Schools

Because the EGIA Foundation provides scholarships to HVAC students across the country, we have an extensive network of HVAC programs that produce educated young professionals looking for employment.

Recruitment Training

In partnership with Contractor University, the EGIA Foundation provides contracting business owners with access to on-demand streaming recruitment training to develop more effective hiring practices.

Work With Us

HVAC contractors looking to strengthen their recruiting efforts and reach new prospective employees, click the button to contact us today.

Apprenticeship Program

The EGIA Foundation strengthens relationships between contractors and HVAC education programs by facilitating apprenticeships for HVAC HERO Scholarship recipients. Providing on-the-job training helps students prepare for their career and gives contractors access to future employees. Click the button below to send us a message and learn how to participate in our apprenticeship program.

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