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Working With Educators

The EGIA Foundation takes a three-pronged approach to elevating HVAC as a first-choice career by working with industry educators to inspire young people to pursue an education and careers in the trades.

Generate Demand

First, we generate demand for trades-based higher learning by providing teachers, counselors and administrators with resources to help communicate the benefits of a trades career to their students.

Maximize Education

Additionally, we work with the trade schools, certification programs and junior colleges to receive incoming students with the most effective trades education programs possible.

Facilitate Employment

Lastly, we leverage our national network of home services organizations to inform classroom training, facilitate on-the-job training and ultimately hire students after graduation.

Work With Us

HVAC educators looking to expand program benefits and reach new prospective students, click the button to contact us today.

HVAC School Index

We help HVAC programs get discovered on our student-facing website, through our national index of universities, junior colleges and accredited certification programs. Prospective students can filter by state and find the program closest to them. Click the button below to send us a message and learn how to register your program on our HVAC School Index.

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