Funding education to build the future

The EGIA Foundation wants to help develop and qualify ambitious, committed people from all backgrounds for employment in the home services industry. We know that the investment into proper education and training can be a burden on individuals and their families, but they are necessary in order to create the kind of employment candidates who will find long-term success, happiness and ongoing growth while providing value to the industry and its employers.

To that end, the EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program helps ease the barriers to entry to employment in the industry by shouldering part of the cost of education and training for selected individuals. The Scholarship Program supports academic and trade education at a wide variety of approved community colleges, private career schools and trade schools that offer courses relevant to careers in the home services industry.

Several scholarships of up to $2500 will be awarded to recipients, who are selected based on long-term interest and commitment to excelling in the industry, as well as financial need.