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Interplay & ESCO Add Value to 2023 HVAC HERO Scholarship

Interplay & ESCO Add Value to 2023 HVAC HERO Scholarship

To provide additional career-readiness benefits for its HVAC HERO Scholarship recipients, the EGIA Foundation is partnering with two organizations – Interplay Learning and ESCO Group – for its 2023-2024 scholarship cycle.

Interplay Learning, a virtual technical training provider, will give all scholarship recipients complimentary access to its entire catalog of HVAC and home services training courses. This includes hundreds of courses that can be accessed through a variety of devices and VR headsets. The courses cover a range of topics, from basic HVAC skills to advanced troubleshooting techniques.

Additionally, ESCO Group, the industry authority on developing standards, validation tools and training resources for HVACR, will provide free access to its powerful, robust HVACR Learning Network to all scholarship winners. The online education platform features content from best-in-class organizations, authors and publishers. The platform is renowned as one of the industry’s best, and is designed to support HVACR professionals at all levels, from beginners to experts.

These partnerships with Interplay Learning and ESCO Group are valuable additions to the HVAC HERO Scholarship program. They provide scholarship winners with access to high-quality training resources and industry-standard education platforms that will support their growth and development as HVAC professionals. This will help to ensure that the scholarship winners are well-equipped to succeed in the industry and make meaningful contributions to the workforce shortage in the home services trades.

To learn more about how the EGIA Foundation is addressing the workforce crisis in the trades, as well as access information on the HVAC HERO Scholarship Program, visit EGIAFoundation.org today.

To read the full press release, click here

EGIA Foundation Welcomes 2022-2023 HVAC HERO Scholarship Recipients

The EGIA Foundation is excited to announce the recipients of the 2022-2023 EGIA Foundation HVAC HERO Scholarship program as part of its ongoing commitment to improving the workforce shortage in the home services industry. A judging panel consisting of contractors, board members, and other industry professionals selected 19 students based on academic merit, financial need, and their passion for the industry to receive $2,500 each to help cover the cost of HVAC-related tuition at accredited institutions during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Founded in 2018, the EGIA Foundation began the HVAC HERO Scholarship program in response to the growing labor shortage affecting contracting businesses across the country. To date, the Foundation has awarded 87 scholarships to talented, hardworking students in 29 states across the country, totaling over $217,000 that has been directed towards helping educate the future of the HVAC industry’s workforce. The EGIA Foundation is proud to continue the progress of removing financial barriers to ensure that future industry workers may pursue a career that they are passionate about and proud of.

Get to know the 2022-2023 HVAC HERO Scholarship class below. If you or someone you know is looking to start a career in HVAC, you can apply for this year’s HVAC HERO Scholarship by visiting AlwaysInDemand.com/Apply.

To view the full list of scholarship recipients since 2018, visit our HVAC Hero Scholarship Recipients page.

Adrian Gallegos
Seward County Community College
Garden City, KS

I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and be certified as a universal technician in HVACR. I love fixing equipment and learning new material. Once I graduate, I want to get experience out in the field for a couple of years and travel the United States while working on the differnt systems.

Ashlyn Jackson
John A Logan College
Carbondale, IL

I have a strong passion for science and technology, as well as entrepreneurship. With the help of the people I’ve met, as well as my own passion to provide a needed service to my neighbors and community members, HVAC has impowered me progress toward this growing and exciting career field.

Brenda Martinez
Perry Technical Institute
Yakima, WA

As I researched the HVAC/R industry, I found so many branches and specialties within this trade, with no shortage of possibilities and opportunities. I am excited to help to my community and the individuals I encounter when I become an International Refrigeration Technology Technician.

Brian Carbajal
Yakima Valley Community College
Selah, WA

I am the first person out of my family to go to any big trade school, so it’s pretty exciting for me to be doing something so different. I have always been the type to learn best when I can see, feel and be right in front of what I’m learning, and I am excited to start my HVAC journey. I can’t wait to get out in the field and work.

Diana Montiel Silva
Wake Technical Community College
Durham, NC

My dad used to let me go help him out with his HVAC jobs. With each new job, I grasped skills quickly, which mand me fall in love with the industry. To me, the greatest part of the job is not only when you finish, but when you also leave your customer happy and confident that their unit is now working properly.

Jaxon Barber
Guilford Technical Community College
Greensboro, NC

When I was making my decision about what path I wanted to pursue after high school, I initially was going to go into another trade. After consulting family and mentors, I decided to go into HVAC and couldn’t be happier. After graduation, I have a long-term vision of starting an employee-owned HVAC business.

Jeremy Conti
Quinsigamond Community College
Grafton, MA

What inspired me to pursue an HVAC technical education is the sheer scope and possibilities the industry presents. My plans after graduation are to sharpen my new skillset as a service technician for residential and commercial systems, and contribute to the sustainable energy movement.

Jose Gurrola
Kansas City Kansas Community College
Kansas City, KS

My inspiration to pursue a career in the HVAC industry is to not only better my life, but also provide a better future for my daughter. I find the HVAC field challenging and enjoyable, and I love the trouble shooting process that goes into it. I feel like the being a HVAC technician is a perfect fit for me.

Joseph Huerta
Seward County Community College
Garden, KS

What inspired me to join the HVAC-R technical school was that it’s a great trade to get into, especially as this job is needed everywhere in the states. I also wanted to learn a trade that I would be a able to benefit from financially. I plan to work with a company after graduating to become a better HVAC technician.

Julian Lara
Ferris State University
Grand Rapids, MI

I was inspired to choose this career path by my cousin, who is in the industry. I see the demand for honest and knowledgeable HVAC techs sky rocketing. Not many other people my age are interested in doing hands-on, difficult work, which makes me a valuable asset. I can’t wait to graduate and get into the field!

Juan Garcia
College of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas, NV

What inspired me to puruse a degree in HVAC is my family, and my love for the trade. I’ve worked in construction in the past, and saw HVAC technical education as the next step in my career. My plans after graduation are to keep studying while working to improve my knowledge and to become one of the best technicians out there.

Kyna Cardenas
San Joaquin Valley College – Temecula
Lake Elsinore, CA

My inspiration to pursue an HVAC technical education was to make a better life for not only my family but for myself as well. I know through this industry I am going to have to prove myself by being a team player, that I’m open to new ideas, as well as proving my independence when working with equipment.

Marshall Stephens
Oakland Community College
Rochester Hills, MI

I have worked as a maintenance person for the past few years and while I enjoy it, I feel it is time for me to expand my skills and pursue HVAC as a profession. As I complete my first semester in the HVAC Program, I have enjoyed the physics and science involved in the trade, and I can’t wait to graduate so that I can expand my skills.

Mellena Everett
J. F. Drake State Technical College
Huntsville, AL

I was inspired to pursue this career by my uncle, who is also in the trade. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I was the only female in the class, but I persevered and have enjoyed every minute of it. My career vision is to become a licensed HVAC technician and to provide heating and cooling solutions for people in my community.

Nathan Luehrs
Northwest Technical College
Bemidji, MN

Growing up, I was always curious how things worked. If something wasn’t working right, I’d take it apart and try to fix it. After my first 2 years at college, I decided to find a job where I could work with my hands, which is why I decided to switch to HVAC. I enjoy being challenged, and I believe that HVAC/R work will keep me on my toes.

Nicholas Wiederholt
Chippewa Valley Technical College
Rice Lake, WI

I have always been interested in HVAC, ever since I was a kid helping my dad work in the backyard. Now that I am almost done with my first year in the program, I can truly say that this is the industry for me. I am looking forward to finding a summer internship where I can get some experience with building automation and industrial HVACR systems.

Stephan Przybylowicz
Piedmont Virginia Community College
Louisa, VA

I currently live in an income-sharing community, and one of our main goals as a community in self-sufficiency. As the community’s equipment maintenance manager, I’d like to pursue formal training in HVAC and be able to install and maintain our current and future climate control systems, as this will greatly improve our quality of life and longterm maintenance of our buildings.

Zachary Sale
Perry Technical Institute
Piqua, OH

All my life, I knew I wanted to do some form of trade school. When my family received a new HVAC system in our house, I watched the technicians do their job and I knew that this was a career path I would like to pursue. While I am a great student in school, I am more of a hands-on person that does better with fixing things. I look forward to starting my career as an HVAC technician.

Isaiah Jackson
Texas State University
Houston, TX

I decided to go into the HVAC trade because it’s a high-demand job and in places like Texas, air conditioning is the number one priority in a household. After I graduate, I plan on working at a company that will help me continue building my skills so that eventually, I can own my own contracting business.

EGIA Foundation HVAC HERO Scholarship Now Accepting Applications for 2023-2024

The EGIA Foundation HVAC HERO Scholarship is now accepting applications!

High school seniors and recent graduates can now apply for the EGIA Foundation’s HVAC HERO Scholarship, which provides up to 20 recipients $2,500 apiece to help students pursuing an education in HVAC at a trade school, junior college, or other accredited programs for the 2023-2024 academic year. As in years past, the 2023-2024 class will be selected based on financial need, career aspirations and academic merit, continuing to ensure financial hurdles are not a barrier for more dedicated young people to enter the industry.

Since its inception in 2018, the EGIA Foundation HVAC HERO Scholarship program has fundeded 87 scholarships to students attending 65 schools across 29 states, totaling over $217,500. The EGIA Foundation aims to fill the employment gap in the HVAC industry with qualified and passionate people, as it also attempts to reshape the stigma surrounding the trades by empowering students choose HVAC as their first-choice career path.

The EGIA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to expanding the benefits the public receives from the home services industry through education, research and the development of the next generation of qualified workers.

STUDENTS & PARENTS: Learn More About the HVAC HERO Scholarship and Apply!

A career in HVAC offers an exciting, people-focused job that requires a short school education with virtually no student loan debt. You’ll have access to one of the highest-paying starting salaries, a direct path to owning your own business, and no sitting at a desk! Best of all, you’ll have a real impact in your community and help customers choose energy-efficient products that will make our world cleaner and healthier. Click the buttons below to apply for the HVAC Scholarship, meet past winners, and explore your future in HVAC.

CONTRACTORS & DISTRIBUTORS: Reach Out For Your Branded HVAC HERO Scholarship Communications Toolkit

The EGIA Foundation has developed a communications toolkit to help you easily share the HVAC HERO Scholarship with social media post, flyer and html email with your brand front and center. Send an email to ctodd@egia.org to request yours today!

EVERYONE: Share the EGIA Foundation’s HVAC HERO Scholarship with your network!

Do you know any high school seniors or recent graduates who are looking to start a career in HVAC? Tell them that by filling out a quick online application, they could be one of the 20 individuals to receive a $2,500 scholarship from the EGIA Foundation! Click the buttons below to share this opportunity on social media and email!

EGIA Foundation HVAC Scholarship Winners 2021-2022

The EGIA Foundation is pleased to introduce the 2021-2022 class of HVAC Scholarship Winners. This year, the EGIA Foundation is awarding 15 students $2,500 apiece to help them in their education of HVAC-related careers at trade schools, community collegesand other accredited institutions.With a judging panel that consisted of industry professionals, the final recipients were selected based upon financial need, academic merit, and career aspirations.

The EGIA Foundation Scholarship was designed to help bring more talented, hard-working young adults into the HVAC industry to remedy the ongoing workforce shortage. Since its inception in 2018, the EGIA FoundationScholarship Programhas awarded $180,000 in scholarship funds to over 72enthusiastic students studying to enter the HVAC workforce.

“We are thrilled to award this year’s scholarships to these dedicated students who are excited about contributing to the industry,” said Bruce Matulich, EGIA Foundation Chairman andCEO. “Each year’s group of recipients builds upon the growing network of valuable workers entering into the HVAC workforce that the EGIA Foundation has grown in the last four years. This year’s recipients have shown to be a promising group of individuals wherever their careers take them, and the industry will benefit greatly wherever they go.” The EGIA Foundation can’t wait to see what the class of 2021 will do as they go forward into the workforce, as well as the multitude of high school students, recent graduates and others that our educational campaigns reach every day.”

Despite the difficulties that students have experienced due to the closure of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021-22 scholarship cycle continued to reach students across the nation, resulting in hundreds of applications from committed students studying HVAC. These applicants consisted of students seeking education to better prepare themselves for a career in the industry, and the EGIA Foundation is proud to continue removing financial barriers that could prevent young people from pursuing career paths within the HVAC industry.

Going forward, the scholarship will continue to provide aid to students studying HVAC, as well as expand into other areas of the home services industry,including solar, plumbing, geothermal and others. To learn more about the EGIA Foundation and how you can donate to advance the HVAC workforce, click here.

EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program

The EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program, established to recognize the excellent and deserving students seeking careers in HVAC, is now accepting applications for its annual scholarship program, which provides $2,500 individual awards to students nationwide.

“We’re proud to announce that applications for this year’s EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program are now being accepted,” said Bruce Matulich, EGIA Foundation Board Chairman and CEO. “Although 91% of high school students plan to pursue a post-secondary education, 10% plan to enroll in a vocational program; even less will take an HVAC or construction related path,” Matulich continued. “The EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program hopes to bring publicity to the vast opportunities and lucrative starting salaries available, in addition to helping 20 students get a leg up on their career by supporting their education.”

EGIA Foundation Scholarship Press Release

2018-19 EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program Now Open!

We are proud to announce that the EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program is now accepting applicants for the 2018-19 academic year!

One of the Foundation’s core activities in pursuing our mission of expanding the benefits the public receives from the home services industry by developing its next generation of qualified workers, the EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program helps shoulder the education and training investment required to create valuable employment candidates who will enjoy long-term success and satisfaction in the home services industry, while also being able to contribute immediately to contracting companies, their local community and society at large.

Twenty scholarships of $2,500 apiece will be awarded to qualified applicants pursuing an HVAC technology-related course of study who are enrolled or planning to enroll at an accredited two-year college, vocational or technical school or other approved technical institute in the United States for the 2018-2019 academic year. This investment is intended to help reduce the shortfall of qualified workers in the home services industry, while ensuring that financial issues need not be a hurdle to determined young people interested in entering the industry.

For more information on the EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program or to apply, visit our Scholarship page or view our latest press release.