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EGIA Foundation HVAC Scholarship Winners 2021-2022

EGIA Foundation HVAC Scholarship Winners 2021-2022

The EGIA Foundation is pleased to introduce the 2021-2022 class of HVAC Scholarship Winners. This year, the EGIA Foundation is awarding 15 students $2,500 apiece to help them in their education of HVAC-related careers at trade schools, community collegesand other accredited institutions.With a judging panel that consisted of industry professionals, the final recipients were selected based upon financial need, academic merit, and career aspirations.

The EGIA Foundation Scholarship was designed to help bring more talented, hard-working young adults into the HVAC industry to remedy the ongoing workforce shortage. Since its inception in 2018, the EGIA FoundationScholarship Programhas awarded $180,000 in scholarship funds to over 72enthusiastic students studying to enter the HVAC workforce.

“We are thrilled to award this year’s scholarships to these dedicated students who are excited about contributing to the industry,” said Bruce Matulich, EGIA Foundation Chairman andCEO. “Each year’s group of recipients builds upon the growing network of valuable workers entering into the HVAC workforce that the EGIA Foundation has grown in the last four years. This year’s recipients have shown to be a promising group of individuals wherever their careers take them, and the industry will benefit greatly wherever they go.” The EGIA Foundation can’t wait to see what the class of 2021 will do as they go forward into the workforce, as well as the multitude of high school students, recent graduates and others that our educational campaigns reach every day.”

Despite the difficulties that students have experienced due to the closure of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021-22 scholarship cycle continued to reach students across the nation, resulting in hundreds of applications from committed students studying HVAC. These applicants consisted of students seeking education to better prepare themselves for a career in the industry, and the EGIA Foundation is proud to continue removing financial barriers that could prevent young people from pursuing career paths within the HVAC industry.

Going forward, the scholarship will continue to provide aid to students studying HVAC, as well as expand into other areas of the home services industry,including solar, plumbing, geothermal and others. To learn more about the EGIA Foundation and how you can donate to advance the HVAC workforce, click here.

EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program

The EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program, established to recognize the excellent and deserving students seeking careers in HVAC, is now accepting applications for its annual scholarship program, which provides $2,500 individual awards to students nationwide.

“We’re proud to announce that applications for this year’s EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program are now being accepted,” said Bruce Matulich, EGIA Foundation Board Chairman and CEO. “Although 91% of high school students plan to pursue a post-secondary education, 10% plan to enroll in a vocational program; even less will take an HVAC or construction related path,” Matulich continued. “The EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program hopes to bring publicity to the vast opportunities and lucrative starting salaries available, in addition to helping 20 students get a leg up on their career by supporting their education.”

EGIA Foundation Scholarship Press Release

2018-19 EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program Now Open!

We are proud to announce that the EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program is now accepting applicants for the 2018-19 academic year!

One of the Foundation’s core activities in pursuing our mission of expanding the benefits the public receives from the home services industry by developing its next generation of qualified workers, the EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program helps shoulder the education and training investment required to create valuable employment candidates who will enjoy long-term success and satisfaction in the home services industry, while also being able to contribute immediately to contracting companies, their local community and society at large.

Twenty scholarships of $2,500 apiece will be awarded to qualified applicants pursuing an HVAC technology-related course of study who are enrolled or planning to enroll at an accredited two-year college, vocational or technical school or other approved technical institute in the United States for the 2018-2019 academic year. This investment is intended to help reduce the shortfall of qualified workers in the home services industry, while ensuring that financial issues need not be a hurdle to determined young people interested in entering the industry.

For more information on the EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program or to apply, visit our Scholarship page or view our latest press release.